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It only lasted for a moment, but the heat and the sense of lost-ness was enough to make you want to wriggle out of Ivan’s grip and plummet to your death by whatever was beneath you. Fortunately, the sensation disappeared before you could give the plan any more thought.
You opened your eyes a crack—when had you closed them?—and immediately, your hand shot to your mouth in terror. You glanced up at Ivan, only to find him staring down at you with amusement in his eyes. It was then that you realised how, in your panic, you had flung an arm around his neck and were clinging on to him as if your life depended on it.
Which it did, really, because you were flying.

The world below was unlike any place you had ever seen, and yet it was oddly familiar. The ground was grey and barren, as if coated in ash, but on a distant hillside were legions of tall, straight spikes that could have been tree trunks stripped of life. The sky was stony grey, just like the land, and it was hard for you to tell where one ended and the other began.
“Don’t be scared!” Ivan yelled above the wind. “If I wanted to kill you, I have much more fun ways of doing it than dropping you from a height!”
You glared at him, before prising your arms from around his neck and placing them pointedly in your lap.

“Oh, I wasn’t telling you to let go,” said the demon. “Hang on if you want. I don’t mind.”
“I’m good, thank you,” you grumbled, firmly crossing your arms.
Ivan grinned. “You know, it probably is a good idea to hold on. You wouldn’t want me to—“
You shrieked as you felt his arms slip from under you.
“—drop you.”
Ivan watched his sacrifice tumble to the ground. Perhaps he’d taken it too far—she was falling rather fast. He spread his wings and swooped down to catch her.
You felt your breath forced from your lungs as you landed safely (?) in Ivan’s arms.

“I’m sorry, Sunflower,” he apologised, actually sounding remorseful. “But it really would be safer if you held on.”
In another situation, you would have slapped Ivan—he certainly deserved it. Now, hundreds of metres above the ground, you  decided to do as he said. A small, irrational part of your mind wondered if the demon had seen your underwear.


If you had been flying for hours, the unchanging landscape and mind-numbing boredom would have made it impossible to tell. Still, by the stiffness in your muscles, you guessed it had been a long time since you had left Silea for this wasteland.
“We’re almost there,” Ivan said suddenly.
You squinted at the horizon, where a vague, tall shape was half-visible in the greyness. If you really concentrated, you could make out two slim towers and a few dots of light. You swallowed as realisation dawned. “But that—that’s Rolosia.”

You’d never visited the Silean capital before, but you had heard travellers and minstrels gushing over its paved boulevards, infectious energy, myriad of colour and, of course, the two towers that dominated the cityscape, connected at the bottom by the extravagant Royal palace.
Apparently, the great city had a copycat.
“Why do you have a copy of our city?” you asked indignantly.
“Is it?” Ivan said, “or is it Rolosia that is the copy?”
You fell silent, goosebumps rippling along your arms. They had nothing to do with the cold wind.

You glanced up at the demon, only to see his violet eyes downcast in a melancholy expression. “Is something wrong?” you asked, alarmed. What if he decided he didn’t want you any more, and just let you plummet to your death—for real?
Ivan sighed. “No, I am just... reluctant to return home. I always have this feeling when I return from your world. I am fond of it. Here there are no seas or sunflower fields or nice people or blue skies—as you have probably noticed.” He paused. “Well, there are seas, but you would not want to swim in them.”


As the city that was not Rolosia grew, so did the knot in your stomach. Ivan nudged you when you were close enough  to make out individual lights in the tower windows.
“You can close your eyes if you would like to,” Ivan said quietly. “This part always makes me a little dizzy.”

You obeyed, closing your eyes tightly and shielding her face against Ivan’s coat as the wind began to rush painfully past your ears. You only looked up when the gale had slowed to a gentle breeze. Ivan’s wings were spread wide, allowing him to fall gently to the ground. He landed lightly for someone of his broad stature, before carefully setting you down on the smooth dust-coloured rock.
“Home sweet home,” the demon muttered.

The city didn’t just resemble Rolosia—it was an exact replica. Of course, you had never been to the real one, but the style of the long, low buildings and the domed spiralling towers was all too familiar. Even so, it was the nightmare version of the city so many travellers dreamed of.
You had always heard Rolosia described as overflowing with life, with sprawling trees and a rainbow of flowers in every space that wasn’t clean white stone or neat grass. In this city, there were two colours; grey and brown. If there were trees, they had no green leaves to stand out from their monochrome backdrop.

“Come on,” Ivan prompted, and you didn’t protest when he took your hand and began to lead you down the central road that would take you to the palace. “Flight is prohibited within the city, and I do not want to stay out in the open longer than we have to.”
You allowed yourself to be led down the long road, eyes straining for any sign of movement from within the buildings.

As you walked, you couldn’t help but notice how your footsteps echoed through the houses that stood like sentries along the road, how those houses were shells without windows or doors and sometimes without roofs, and how, despite Rolosia having over ten thousand inhabitants (or so you’d heard), you saw nobody on the short journey.
Even when you reached the grand steps that swept up to the palace’s entrance hall, there was only silence and stone.

“Why aren’t there any guards?” you whispered, your voice echoing off the stone pillars that surrounded you.
“Who in their right mind would attack us?” Ivan pointed out. “Anyway, there aren’t that many of us left, but most of us live underground. It...suits us better.” He raised his eyes towards the towers, in reverence or apprehension, you couldn’t tell. “Adaciel has the palace all to himself.”

Your heart hammered in her chest. You were in the same building as Adaciel, the goat-headed source of all evil! Though the exorcists made war with his cult, you knew that Adaciel himself was the real enemy.
And here you were,  standing in his palace, holding hands with one of his servants. You hadn’t even realised. You quickly flicked your hand free of Ivan’s, and if the demon cared, he remained silent.

Ivan led you over to a large hole in the centre of the hall. A spiral staircase curled down into its darkness. Even as you approached, you could feel the head emanating from it, and a thin film of sweat broke out on your brow.
“This is where we truly enter my world,” Ivan told you. He scrutinised your face for any sign of panic. “Are you ready?” he asked, apparently satisfied with whatever he saw. You doubted it was bravery.
You took a deep breath. “Yes.”
Ivan nodded once, and then you began your descent.
Demon!Russia x Reader Part 4 (rewrite)
God this story is so fucking shitty and I'm so fucking sorry. You all deserve better. :( I promise I can write so much better, but writing an original story and then converting it into fanfic is a horrible idea. Ivan doesn't even feel like Ivan. I think it does get better in later chapters but God I hate this story so much. :iconblooddeathplz: I'll still keep uploading though, and I want to start a Russia x Reader x 2p!Russia later to redeem myself.

Original version: "…"
My tumblr is now
Hey guys, since I've almost finished drafting the demon!Russia x Reader I thought this was a good time for me to write a progress update and to give you some more information on the story!

Perhaps I've mentioned this before, but for the last two chapters the reader can choose which path they take. I've written up to that point, so I need to write two more chapters before I can start editing it! I do have work for 6th form I have to do, but I think it's realistic to say that I could have the first chapter up within two weeks.

When I publish it I'll be updating two chapters per week, but I haven't decided which days I'll update on yet. There are two versions of this story--the fanfic and the original. The original will be published on my Wattpad. Though they are essentially the same story, it's not just the same document in third person. They'll be edited separately and the fanfic will take priority.

As for details about the story itself, all I'm going to say is that I just finished writing a torture scene.

Oh, and one more thing! When I published this originally, several people asked if there will be smut. Now, I'm thinking of writing two smut scenes as extra chapters and publishing them, probably on my tumblr, as a Christmas present to readers, since that would be a few weeks after I finish publishing the main story (there's 18 chapters, not counting those two).

Lastly, I just want to say congratulations to any of my watchers who got their A level results today. I hope you all did OK!

I get my GCSE results next week and let's just say I'm not optimistic.

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